Feeds, Nutrients & Pest Control

Feeds, Nutrients & Pest Control

Your local garden centre and plant nursery

Everything you need for fantastic flowers, healthy home grown veg, luscious lawns and critter control

Flower, Fruit & Veg Feeds

All your favourite brands of flower, fruit and vegetable supplements and feeds

Including Tomorite, Miracle Gro, Gro-Sure

General Nutrients

For strong plants and high yielding crops

Bonemeal, fish/blood/bone, lime, rooting hormone

General Pest & Weed Control

Pest control to eliminate anything from ants to snails, Bug Clear and Rose Clear plus small animal deterrants

Weed control including Weedol, Roundup, Resolva, Ecofective, Neuforff

Lawn Feeds, Seeds & Weed Killers

Make your lawn luxurious with feeds, seeds and weed killers

Quality respected brands stocked such as Empathy Evergreen, Westland, Evergreen

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About us

An excellent plant centre with on-site glasshouse and polytunnels for home grown plants

Where to find us

Ermine Way, Arrington, Royston, SG8 0AG