Houseplants & Cacti

Houseplants & Cacti

Your local garden centre and plant nursery

Houseplants are good for your health and here at Arrington Garden Centre we have a broad range of choice including cacti and pitcher plants, plus specialist nutritional care products and ceramic indoor pots


So many shades of green and textural interest in our selection of easy to care for houseplants


Small and medium indoor cacti

Perfectly prickly, fun to grow, group together to make a striking desert scene

Pitcher plants

Rainwater loving pitcher plants, or Sarracenia, make great kitchen companions

Carniverous plants that keep the flies at bay, click here for RHS care advice

Indoor Bonsai Trees

Originating in China but now an art-form generally associated with Japan

Small but perfectly formed, click here for RHS care advice

Specialist feeds & composts

To help you get the most out of your houseplants, we stock a range of suitable composts, grits, vermiculite, etc plus leaf shine and plant food

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About us

An excellent plant centre with on-site glasshouse and polytunnels for home grown plants

Where to find us

Ermine Way, Arrington, Royston, SG8 0AG